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Finding a platform that allows for no-code web application development can be challenging for folks looking to build their own web app. Loads of no-code web app builders are out there, and not all of them bring home the gold. 

If you’ve hit a logjam when shopping for a no-code web app builder, you’ve landed on the right article. For over a decade, I’ve reviewed and recommended hundreds of no-code web app builders. I even started my own website, NoCode.Tech, specifically for reviewing no-code tools. 

I know a few things about what makes a high-quality web app builder. In this article, I’ll discuss my 5 favorite web app builders for easy, no-code web application development.

What Is No-Code Web Application Development?

No-code web application development is the process of using an app builder to create a web app. You won’t need technical skills or knowledge to operate a no-code web app builder: Utilizing a no-code web app builder is similar to creating a PowerPoint.

Point and click on a building dashboard to add functions, and drag and drop pictures to your canvas from your desktop. It’s that simple. 

Using a web app builder enables you to create two types of web apps: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which you can download directly to your mobile device from a link, and web apps, which are functional websites like online banking that you access using your web browser. 

Neither PWAs nor web apps can be published to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

How to Choose a No-Code Web Application Development Platform

While you’ll find dozens of web app builders all over the web, not all of them are up to par. When you’re shopping around for a web app builder, ensure the one you choose has some of the following features: 

  • Actually no-code: Some no-code web application development platforms claim that you don’t need any technical skills for sure. But, as soon as you open the app-building platform, you’re asked to “enter parameters.” Huh?

    Get a no-code app builder that’s actually no-code. All the app builders on my list are purely no-code — they require zero technical skills and won’t require you to enter any parameter. 
  • Large ecosystem: High-quality no-code web app builders come with a large community of users and a forum that connects you with it. You’ll also get video tutorials, in-depth help documentation, and tools and plugins made by developers. 

    A web app builder with an abundant ecosystem will have all the resources you need to create the app of your dreams. 
  • Loads of templates: Instead of starting from scratch, a reputable web app builder will provide you with a selection of several templates. Each template should have preloaded screens, features, and forms. Once you choose the one that fits your app idea, you’ll be able to build your web app fast.
  • Free version or free trial: You’ll want to ensure that the web app builder you choose feels right. Before committing your hard-earned cash, it’s logical that you should take a web app builder for a test drive. 

    By taking advantage of a free version or free trial, you’ll get first-hand experience using a web app builder, allowing you to choose the one that’s best for you.  
  • Lets you build all parts of your app: All web apps have 3 main parts, and you’ll be able to build and customize each of them with one of the web app builders on our list. Here are those three parts: 
  • The Frontend: This is the part of your web app that users interact with. It includes all your screens, images, buttons, forms, and more. 
  • The Backend: The backend is your web app’s sensory-perception system. It follows users’ commands and brings them info, connects with other apps across the web, harvests data, and more.  
  • The Database: Functioning as your web app’s memory system, the database is a collection of spreadsheets that stores all your app's info and data. The backend will enter new info into the database and pull info from the database to the frontend for users to see.   

The 5 Best No-Code Web Applications Development Platforms of 2024 

  1. Adalo, the best overall no-code web app builder
  2. Bubble, the web app builder with the biggest ecosystem
  3. Softr, a web app builder for businesses
  4. Glide, a web app builder for sleek apps 
  5. GoodBarber, a web app builder for e-commerce 

#1 The Best Overall No-Code Web App Builder


What is it? 

Adalo is a no-code web app builder that gives you enough power and flexibility to bring any web app idea to life. 

Why is it good for web app development?

Out of all the app builders on my list, Adalo has the most customization options, giving you the flexibility and design freedom to create any app. It features templates packed with screens featuring forms, images, and elements, along with a pre-made database and backend logic that you can add to. 

You can configure each part of Adalo’s premade templates to suit your brand, needs, and tastes. If you want to learn how to master Adalo’s building, look no further than Adalo’s thriving ecosystem. You’ll find no shortage of tutorials, plugins, and other resources to give your app extra oomph.      

As an added bonus, Adalo is one of the only web app builders on my list that can also create native mobile apps without making any major changes. Publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store will get your app in front of more eyes

Who is it for? 

Over the years, I’ve recommended Adalo more than any other web app-building platform. This is because it doesn’t sacrifice simplicity for power. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small or medium business, you’ll be able to create any app you need with Adalo.  


Get started with Adalo for $36/month

A Web App Developed with Adalo

Looking for a web app to optimize your mind? Check out Joy Blossom, a web app built on Adalo that provides you with daily meditation routines, an emotional health tracker, a newsletter, and much more. JoyBlossom uses Adalo’s scheduling tool and content-creation integrations. 

#2 The Web App Builder with the Biggest Ecosystem


What is it? 

Bubble is a battle-tested no-code web app builder that’s been in action since 2012. 

Why is it good for web app development?

Although Bubble has a steep learning curve, spending the time to nail it down will pay off. Bubble has one of the most powerful app-building interfaces out there. It’s flexible enough to build almost any feature you want into your web app.  

Since its launch over a decade ago, Bubble has developed the most thriving ecosystem in the no-code space. It boasts The Bubble Academy, packed with hundreds of hours of tutorials, links to Bubble experts’ YouTube Pages, and more. 

Thanks to its developer community, over 100 Bubble plugins are available. Use these to give your app extra power. 

Who is it for? 

While you can build a very powerful app for your startup or Fortune 500, you’ll need to hit the books for a few months before you can harness the power of Bubble. 


Bubble’s cheapest version clocks in at $32/month (billed monthly). If you want to build an app with more storage space and processing power, try out Bubble’s $134/month (billed monthly) version.  

A Web App Developed with Bubble

UserLoop is a CRM tool for collecting, processing, and analyzing customer feedback. It leverages Bubble’s analytics tools and integrations with Meta, Shopify, and Slack. 

#3 A Web App Builder for Businesses 


What is it? 

Softr is a simple, no-code web app builder that appeals to businesses with pre-existing databases. 

Why is it good for web app development?

While you’ll need to bring your own database to start building your web app, Softr makes building your frontend a breeze. Softr features a unique tool that lets you build your app’s frontend piece-by-piece, dragging and dropping individual elements onto your screen. 

Softr also integrates with popular database providers like Google Sheets, Airtable, SmartSuite, and Hubspot. If you already use one of these database providers, you’ll be able to build out your backend with just a couple of clicks.  

Who is it for? 

Those with databases will find Softr most useful — if you don’t, you’ll need to bring one before using Softr. Since most businesses have databases, Softr appeals to them. 


Softr’s pricing starts at $59/month (billed monthly). For those who need business-centric features, like charts, graphs, and Kanban board, check out the $167/month (billed monthly) version. 

A Web App Developed with Softr

Home RX is a pharmacy-delivery web app developed on Softr. Serving people living in Nigeria, it leverages delivery and payment features by connecting pharmaceuticals and hygiene product wholesalers with end users. 

#4 A Web App Builder for Sleek Apps


What is it? 

Glide is a no-code web app builder that allows you to create a sleek, beautiful-looking web app right out of the box. 

Why is it good for web app development?

If you’re looking for a web app builder that’s second to none in aesthetics, look no further than Glide. Glide prides itself on providing only the most gorgeous templates

Each template comes prepackaged with a database, backend logic, and all the screens you need. While the building interface is simple, it doesn’t allow as much customization as Adalo or Bubble. 

But you can leverage Glide’s leading AI features, empowering your app to describe pictures, summarize documents, and more. 

Who is it for? 

Glide is a good option for anyone who prioritizes aesthetics. It's a popular tool for freelancers, large companies, and everyone in between.  


Glide’s pricing starts at $60/month (billed monthly) and allows for up to 500 updates so you can keep your app humming. Want to create an unlimited number of apps? Then check out Glide’s $125/month (billed monthly) version.


A Web App Developed with Glide

Attention folks in the food and beverage space: Take a look at Straight Up Collective, a community of restaurateurs, bar owners, foodies, and more. This Glide-built web app allows you to join the community for seeking advice, sharing recipes, and actioning new strategies to better your restaurant, cafe, or bar.  


#5 A Web App Builder for e-Commerce 


What is it? 

GoodBarber is a no-code web app builder specially designed to build e-commerce web apps. 

Why is it good for web app development?

If you’re one of those folks looking to create an app to sell your content or physical products, GoodBarber has got you covered. GoodBarber is packed with several different e-commerce templates that are designed for specific industries: You’ll find specialized templates for groceries, clothing, supplements, video content, and much more. 

Conveniently, GoodBarber’s building interface is one of the easiest. You’ll be able to swap out pre-loaded merchandise on each template with your own by seamlessly dragging over new pictures and entering new item descriptions.  

Who is it for? 

GoodBarber caters to the needs of anyone looking to create an app to sell their digital or physical content. 


Content creators can get GoodBarber for $30/month (billed monthly), while those looking to sell products will have to pay $40/month (billed monthly). Want to publish to the app stores? Then you’ll need to pay $70/month (billed monthly) and $90/month (billed monthly) for content and physical goods, respectively.  

A Web App Developed with GoodBarber

Acqua Monaco is an excellent example of an e-commerce app developed with GoodBarber. Featuring GoodBarber’s ordering, delivery, and payments functionality, you can find and purchase Acqua Monaco’s beverage products and have them delivered right to your door, provided you live in Germany. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cheapest No-Code Web App Builder?

At $30/month (billed monthly) GoodBarber’s content plan is the cheapest. But you can only use this plan to create an app for your content. A more flexible web app builder for only $6 more is Adalo, which you can use to build nearly any app you have in mind. 

What Is the No-Code Web App Builder Has the Best Tutorials? 

All the web app builders on my list come with some tutorials and help guides. However, Adalo, Glide, and Bubble have the most extensive ecosystems. This is because they all feature hours and hours of tutorials and guides that will teach you everything you need to know about those platforms. 

What Is the Easiest No-Code Web App Builder?

Adalo is the easiest web app builder on this list. While it has a thriving ecosystem with abundant resources like tutorials and help guides, the building interface is so intuitive that you can start cobbling your app together right after signing up. Yet, you’ll be able to customize your app to your exact needs and tastes because Adalo doesn’t skimp on power. 

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