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Currently, lots of folks want to create apps for the iOS (Apple) ecosystem using a no-code iOS app builder. But, with so many options available, choosing the right one is difficult. 

This is where I come in. For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses find the best no-code iOS app builder for their needs. 

In this article, I’ll introduce 5 no-code iOS app-builders that are on my radar and discuss their features and functionalities.  

The Top 5 iOS App Builders

  • Adalo, the best overall iOS app builder 
  • Thunkable, an easy iOS app builder
  • GoodBarber, for iOS e-commerce apps
  • Fliplet, for super simple start-up iOS apps
  • Draftbit, the best iOS app builder for techies

What is an iOS App Builder? 

A no-code iOS app builder lets you create an app for the iOS ecosystem. You won’t need any programming or technical knowledge to build your app with a no-code iOS app builder.

Getting started with an iOS app builder is simple: First, select an iOS app-building platform, create an account on its website, and start building your iOS app! You can instantly start building your app by dragging and dropping pictures, text boxes, and features onto your building canvas. 

When you finish building your iOS app, a proper iOS app builder will let you publish it to the Apple App Store. This will get your app in front of billions of iOS users, helping to build your brand and popularize your app. 

Can You Build for iOS and Android at the Same Time?

The answer is yes: Every tool on my list also allows you to publish on the Google Play Store, too. Conveniently, you won’t have to change your app’s design to do so — you’ll just have to follow Android’s publishing procedures. 

What To Look for in a No-Code iOS App Builder

  • Easy to Publish on the Apple App Store: The no-code iOS app builders on this list all let you publish your app as a native mobile app in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

    Native mobile apps are the most powerful types of apps because they run off your phone or mobile device’s internal processors. This means that your app can use a phone’s camera, GPS, microphone, and more. And (in most cases), you won’t need an internet connection to use your app.  
  • Free Version or Free Trial: Everyone wants to test a no-code iOS platform before forking out cash. I ensured that each app-builder on my list offered at least a free trial. 

    Taking advantage of a free trial lets you decide if that app-building platform is for you without spending any money. 
  • No-Code Simplicity: Unless I explicitly say an iOS app builder is for developers or technical people, all the app-building platforms on my list use no code. You won’t need any tech or programming knowledge to build an iOS app with the platforms I’ve chosen.   

I also considered: 

  • Flexibility: Flexibility means you can build many different types of iOS apps with each app-building platform. For instance, you’ll be able to create an e-commerce, delivery app, or CRM tool, all using the same no-code iOS app builder. 
  • Ecosystem: By ecosystem, I mean a community of users you can connect with on an app-building platform’s forum, read up about new features on help documentation, and watch tutorials to master the no-code iOS app builder of your choice. 

#1 The Best Overall iOS App Builder


What is it? 

Adalo is a super powerful no-code iOS app builder that allows you to create any iOS app that matches your tastes. 

Why do I like it? 

Adalo is one of the easiest no-code iOS app-building platforms available. It’s so intuitive that you can start building your iOS app right after signing up without watching tutorials for guidance. 

Who is it best for? 

Adalo is the iOS app-building platform that I’ve recommended more than any other over the years. I’ve done this because it doesn’t sacrifice power for ease of use. Its simplicity and power make it the best no-code iOS app builder for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses. 


Get started with Adalo for $36/month


  • Adalo has one of the most generous free versions of all no-code iOS builders. You can publish your app to the web and even take payments from Adalo’s Stripe integration. 
  • You’ll have nearly 40 pre-made app templates to choose from. These come with everything you need to build your app: Premade screens loaded with pictures and text, forms and buttons, and a database. Customize each part to meet your preferred style and brand. 
  • There’s a thriving ecosystem with tutorials, a component marketplace for plugins to power your app, and the Adalo App Academy to enhance your Adalo no-code iOS app-building knowledge. 

 #2 A Simple iOS App Builder 


What is it? 

Thunkable is an easy-to-use iOS app-building platform that leverages a unique drag-and-drop interface by using blocks to cobble your app together.

Why do I like it? 

Thunkable has no templates: It starts with a blank slate, giving you a good amount of design freedom. You’ll also get to custom-build your app’s logic, which is how your app connects to other programs and answers user requests. Creating your app’s logic is done by snapping blocks together that command your app to execute a task.  

Who is it best for? 

Because you get to start from scratch, Thunkable is a good option if you’re creative or know exactly how you want your app to look and feel.  


Get started with Thunkable for $45/month (billed monthly). If you want to create and publish an unlimited number of apps, look no further than Thunkable’s Business option, at $200/month (billed monthly).


  • When you start using the free version, you can view all the apps made by other Thunkable members who are using the free version. Seek out other app designs for inspiration, and connect with the builder on Thunkable’s forum.
  • Thunkable has a Bluetooth connection feature, allowing you to build an app that can connect to any Bluetooth device, such as speakers, headphones, TVs, and more. 

#3 For iOS Ecommerce Apps


What is it? 

GoodBarber is a no-code iOS app builder specializing in creating apps for selling content, products, or services. 

Why do I like it? 

If you’ve got an app idea for your newsletter, online supplement store, or food delivery service, GoodBarber can help you build out an app quickly. It comes packed with templates for loads of e-commerce businesses, like grocery stores, restaurants, clothing shops, and more. 

Simply put: If you can sell it, GoodBarber lets you build an app to help you do so.  

Who is it best for? 

GoodBarber is the iOS app builder of choice for anyone with a store idea or who wants to sell their content subscriptions. 


GoodBarber’s lowest pricing tiers for selling content and physical goods are $36/month (billed monthly) and $50/month (billed monthly), respectively. If you want to publish to the Apple App Store (and the Google Play Store), you’ll have to pay $70/month (billed monthly) for content and $90/month (billed monthly) to sell products. 


  • GoodBarber allows you to publish your app as both a web app (with your own unique domain or website address), which is essentially a website, and a native mobile app. 
  • GoodBarber has robust SEO features to attract more customers and traffic to your web app. You can optimize each listing to grow your customer base. 

#4 For Super-Simple Startup iOS Apps


What is it? 

Fliplet is a simple, easy-to-learn no-code iOS app builder that features one of the most intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces out there.  

Why do I like it? 

If you’re one of those folks seeking a bare-bones app-building platform to create a start-up app, Fliplet might have you covered. While Fliplet only allows you to have a certain number of users, it’s a simple enough platform to build your app concept quickly, and release it to a small audience. 

After release, you can always upgrade to a more powerful iOS app builder when you want to add more powerful features to your app.  

Who is it best for? 

Fliplet is a good platform if you want to test your new app idea on a simple platform. No matter your idea, you can create a startup version, publish it to an audience, and get feedback. 


For only $9.90/month (billed monthly), you can publish your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but you can only have 100 users. Up to 300 users will cost $29.90/month (billed monthly), and up to 500 will cost $49.90/month (billed monthly). 


  • While Fliplet has one of the easiest no-code iOS app-building interfaces, it also has a decent ecosystem featuring its academy, forum, and a few plugins made by the Fliplet developer community. These can give your app some extra oomph. 

#5 The Best iOS App Builder for Techies 


What is it? 

Draftbit is a low-code iOS app builder that combines elements of a no-code iOS app builder, providing the tech-centric crowd a platform to create their own customized app. 

Why do I like it? 

Although it’s not 100% no-code, a fair number of techies use no-code tools. If you’re part of this crowd, check out Draftbit: You’ll have the power to patch your own code into your app to create customized features that aren’t found on any other platform. And when you finish building your app, you can keep your source code. 

Who is it best for? 

Draftbit should be right up your alley if you have technical and programming knowledge. Those who aren’t techies will struggle to learn the ins and outs of Draftbit’s building interface. 


Publish your Draftbit-made iOS app to the Apple App Store for only $29/month (billed monthly). If you want tech-centric features, like adding your own unique code to your app and being able to keep your app’s source code, try out Draftbit’s $79/month (billed monthly) version. 


  • Draftbit integrates with Github, allowing you to share your app’s source code and get feedback from fellow techies. 
  • After you finish making your app, Draftbit lets you test it on their platform before you start the process of publishing your app to the Apple App Store. This will help iron out any wrinkles your app may have and increase the chances that your app gets published quickly.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What iOS App Builder Has the Best Free Version? 

By far, the iOS app builder with the best free version is Adalo. While you can’t publish to the Apple App Store with Adalo’s free version, you can publish to the web. This means you’ll be able to get a live version of your app public-facing before you publish it to the app stores. 

If you’re running an online store or selling content, check this out: Adalo’s free version also lets you take advantage of a Stripe integration, allowing you to accept customer payments.  

What is the Easiest iOS App Builder? 

Adalo and Fliplet are the easiest because they come with several preloaded templates that help you get the ball rolling right out of the gate. Fliplet is great if you have an MVP idea, but it doesn’t offer as much power if you want to scale your app. 

Adalo is easy and powerful because you can start using it right out of the box, use several integrations, and customize your app with its pre-made templates complete with databases. Unlike Fliplet, Adalo gives you the power to scale your app to over 1,000 users in a jiff. 

What is the Cheapest iOS App Builder? 

At $9.90/month (billed monthly), Fliplet is the cheapest no-code iOS app builder. But, it comes with limitations: You can only have up to 100 users. If you’re a techie, check out Draftbit at $29/month. 

For a true no-code iOS app builder that’s affordable and easy enough to use right after you sign up, look no further than Adalo, starting at $36/month. 

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