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So, you’ve been looking for a no-code mobile app builder to breathe life into that app idea you’ve always dreamed of. But today, there’s a dizzying amount of no-code app builders out there that make selecting the platform of your choice a dilemma. 

Consider joining us at Adalo. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve empowered over 100,000 users to create over 1,000,000 apps. This success story could be yours, too, inspiring you and instilling optimism in your own app-building journey. 

But don’t take our word for it. People are talking about us all over the World Wide Web and the types of apps they’ve built with our platform. In this article, we've compiled a bunch of Adalo reviews from real Adalo users.

What is Adalo?

Adalo is a no-code mobile app-building platform with enough power to bring any app idea to life. Our platform is simple enough for anyone who can turn on a computer. 

Folks use our app-building platform to create web apps that users can access with their phones' browsers or native mobile apps that are published in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  

To get started building with us, choose from over 35 app templates. Our templates are pre-loaded with screens, colors, forms, and a database so you can hit the ground running to build your app. 

With Adalo, you're in complete control of your app's design. You can customize nearly every pixel to create an app that perfectly matches your tastes and needs. The result? Sleek, modern, and professional-looking apps that reflect your brand’s identity and leave you satisfied. 

Our platform suits the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs and small or medium businesses. Over the years, folks building with Adalo have created apps for their e-commerce business, CRM tools, travel apps, and much more. 

Now, let’s jump into some Adalo reviews!

Adalo Reviews from Real Users

We’ve taken quotes about us from across the web, attached a link to their original source, and grouped them by topic.  

A Healthy Template Selection 

“Adalo is a simple and easy-to-learn low code no code editor. There are many great templates you can easily customize and get started with. You can start from scratch and have many options.” - Eva E., Managing Director at a Small Management Consulting Firm.

Selecting and customizing your templates is one of the first steps you’ll take when building your app with us. Our template library has many options, including:

  • A coaching template for fitness instructors.
  • An ordering template for restaurants and food trucks. 
  • An appointment template for salons, barbers, or other professional services. 
  • Two e-commerce templates for your online store. 
  • A Facebook clone template for your niche online social network. 
  • A real estate app for listing properties to sell or rent. 

Check out our template and customization library to see for yourself!

Ease of Use

“It's great that you don't need previous knowledge of code to create a mobile app. It's a great tool for new developers who want to start learning how to create apps.” - Diallo N., CEO

It’s facts, folks: Coding and technical knowledge are unnecessary to build an app with Adalo. If you know how to turn on a computer and create an email or social media account, you can use our platform to build your own app. 

But we wouldn’t dare sacrifice power and flexibility for simplicity:

“Adalo is a great LowCode/NoCode Builder. It is very easy to learn, and due to a lot of examples, learning content and a great community, it is straightforward to learn. The way they implemented databases is brilliant as you can either use their internal solutions or connect via API to external sources like Airtables, etc…Build quick internal applications or MVPs to make initial User Tests and text ideas. The fact that we don't need developers at an early stage is brilliant. The software is very easy to use and quick to learn.” - Dirk E., Small Business Owner

We can’t emphasize enough how vital simplicity and power are to our platform. When you start building your app, you can use the preloaded database or connect your own database if you already have one. Our platform integrates with Airtable, Google Sheets, and Xano database providers. 

And as Dirk says, there’s no need for developers! Our free version is an excellent platform for creating your own startup app (Minimum Viable Product — MVP), and you won’t need any development knowledge or technical expertise to do so. 


It is amazing that we are in an era where you can build a mobile app by dragging and dropping stuff on a screen!
Adalo was the easiest builder that I've used so far. I have some technical experience from working with various web CMS platforms for ages, so I am happy to see the features (like custom actions and external APIs) that allow me to integrate my app with other services.
Excited to see how this product keeps growing.” - Jacob, Freelancer

Adalo comes packed with integrations. Besides the database integrations that we mentioned above, here are a few more integrations that you can add to your app:

  • Stripe, for taking payments.
  • Hubspot, to enhance your CRM system.
  • Google Maps, to guide users to specific locations.
  • Square, another payment integration. 
  • Zoom, for adding face-to-face conversation features. 
  • QuickBooks, to download your accounting data straight to your app.
  • Zapier, an external API that connects your Adalo app to over 5,500 third-party platforms and services. 

With such a large number of integrations, Adalo is the app-building platform that lets you create an app that executes any task you can imagine. This is why we say Adalo can bring any app idea to life! 

Cost-Effective Way to Create Your App 

“Before trying out Adalo, I had spoken to a number of developers about building our mobile apps. And the quotes we were getting were absolutely ridiculous. With Adalo, we didn't even have to pay to begin the building process. This gave us a lot of freedom to iterate our designs and app structure while working on it ourselves. It's been really great.” - Xorla A, Director at an IT Company. 

Compared to hiring a developer, Adalo is a much cheaper option: It’s not uncommon to pay a developer around $50,000 to create, hone, and launch your app. Once it’s launched, you might need to pay extra fees for maintenance and updates, which can cost between $10,000 and $20,000. 

Adalo’s pricing plans start at $36/month. Compared to other app-building platforms, we offer less rigid pricing tiers. For instance, you can publish up to two apps for $52/month. 

If you need to publish up to 5 apps for your agency with up to 10 app-building collaborators, we have a pricing tier that runs for $160/month. 

Build Your Next App With Adalo

Now that you’ve read some real-life testimonials from actual users, why not sign up to create your next app with us? 

Creating your app on our platform is a breeze. Adalo is such an intuitive app-building platform that you can start building your app immediately after signing up! 

We’ve got one of the most generous free versions out there: You don’t need to provide any credit card info, and you can publish your finished app to the web. Our free version also comes with a Stripe integration, so you can sell your products and make money! 

Come experience our platform for yourself, and sign up for Adalo for free.

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