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Our Mission
Empower Everyone to Innovate Everything.

Our purpose is to unlock the world’s creative potential so that anyone can bring their ideas to life. We want to create a world where everyone can innovate everything.

Creating web and mobile apps today requires learning how to code, finding a technical cofounder, or raising a lot of capital. For some, this means spending lots of precious time and money before they can get their idea off the ground. For others, this cost is simply too high and they walk away from their dream.

We believe anyone should be able to make an app, regardless of technical skill. Adalo is a platform that makes creating apps as easy as putting together a slide deck. What Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace have done for websites, Adalo does for apps.

Ultimately our vision is for Adalo to be the go-to platform for innovation — for startups, for enterprise, and for everyone who had an idea they didn’t know how to turn into reality. Certainly making the building of software accessible to anyone is at the heart of that, but we also see empathy, ideation, and iteration as key phases of the innovation lifecycle where we can help.

Our Co-Founders

Jeremy Blalock


Jeremy has been passionate about frontend development since he built his first web app (a MySpace competitor!) while in middle school. Since then he’s spent his time learning more about how to design and build awesome applications, working on things like Witeboard, Politify, and Synack.

David Adkin


While finishing up his Master’s in Architecture, David formed the belief that design is the most important skill of the 21st century. With this new found passion for understanding design, he left the field and joined a tech startup in St. Louis. There he expanded his design skills to include everything from UX & Product to Marketing & Branding. All of these experiences have culminated in the realization that his true calling in life is to help others create new things.

Ben Haefele


Ben is an experienced product leader with a passion for bringing the power of software to everyone. He is the former VP of Operations at Second Street where he led product strategy, design, and development.

Our Community

We know bringing an idea from concept to reality is a tough journey. That’s why developing a community to help others throughout this process is crucial to our success. We too are just getting started and we’d love for you to be part of our adventure from the beginning. So, please read our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us, and engage in a conversation with us on every topic from designing your app to managing your personal life as an entrepreneur.

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