Let Xano Power Your Adalo App

Use Xano to create the most powerful & scaleable backend for your Adalo App.

Xano and Adalo workflow
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Xano Adds Flexibility & Scale to Your Database

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Scale Your Backend Forever

With Xano your backend grows as your app does — no limits

External data with Xano

Store Your User’s Data

Take advantage of the ease of Adalo while storing user data externally


Use Advanced Functionality


Manipulate data, schedule notifications, automate loops — all inside Xano

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A robust & powerful backend

  • Edit all of your data with the click of a button through the bulk edit feature.
  • Schedule push notifications to one — or many — of your users.
  • Automate tasks like never before without integrating with other tools.

Seamlessly integrate your data

With a Xano backend & Adalo frontend, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You can rely on a fully scaleable backend without losing the ease of building your interface in Adalo. It’s a match made in heaven.

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Bring Two Powerhouses Together


Health & Wellness

News & Weather Apps

Curate the latest news or weather forecasts in your app to keep your users informed

Food & Beverage

Finance & Crypto Apps

Connect to institutional level data with the latest in stocks & crypto


Entertainment & Game Apps

Interested in the funner things in life? Connect to fictional characters or movie listings

Professional Services

Photography Apps

Connect to free photo banks like Unsplash to curate beautiful imagery in seconds!
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Can I switch an existing app database over to Xano?

While you can't switch it over in the Adalo interface, you could certainly export your existing data as a CSV and import into your new Xano database. If you need help with moving your app backend over to Xano, why not hire an Adalo Expert to help?

How much does it cost to use Xano?

To use the Xano integration, you will need to have at least the Adalo Team Plan. Xano allows you to get started for free, but offer paid plans as well for certain, more powerful feature sets.

When should I use Xano as my app's backend?

If you're new to Adalo or to app development you should definitely start with Adalo's built-in database first and then graduate to using Xano once you're more comfortable building databases. If you're an experienced builder or already know Adalo, Xano provides a dedicated database just for your app along with many more advanced, technical features like code functions, cron jobs, and custom API endpoints.