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Our Component Marketplace boasts more than 50 additional components to help extend the functionality of your app

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Tried & True Components

With thousands of installs, premium components have been tested over & over again

Components build by Adalo Makers

Built by Adalo Makers

Components are built by Adalo Maker’s so they know exactly what works best

Components continuously added

Components Added Continuously


New components are being added frequently, if you don’t see something you need now — it could be coming soon!

Built by component developers

Built & Maintained by our Component Developers

Premium components are built and maintained by the original developer for as long as the component is listed in the marketplace. These components have gone through rigorous testing & reviews to ensure they meet all the quality standards that Adalo requires.

Extended Functionality

Oftentimes, marketplace components are able to tap into functionality that does not exist out-of-the-box with Adalo-made components. With awesome animations, extra actions, and access to native phone capabilities — there’s lots to explore on how these components can make your app something truly special.

Components extend functionality

Check Out Some of Our Most Popular Components


Health & Wellness

News & Weather Apps

Curate the latest news or weather forecasts in your app to keep your users informed

Food & Beverage

Finance & Crypto Apps

Connect to institutional level data with the latest in stocks & crypto


Entertainment & Game Apps

Interested in the funner things in life? Connect to fictional characters or movie listings

Professional Services

Photography Apps

Connect to free photo banks like Unsplash to curate beautiful imagery in seconds!
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What are components?

Components are the individual building blocks that make up the visual portion of your app. On each screen, several building blocks may be displayed — or just one (like a list). Components can range in size, and functionality & each component comes with its own set of styles, so you have the ultimate flexibility to make it look exactly how you want it to.

How much do components cost?

Components range in price in the marketplace from free to ~$30. The component developers determine these prices. If you purchase a component, that license is extended to every app within your account — so you can use it across every app in your organization. At this time, components are a one-time cost.

Can I test the components before buying them?

Our component developers make test apps or videos with their components so you can view (and oftentimes play with them) before purchasing.

What if a component doesn’t work?

If the component does not work as intended, contact the component developer through the email provided when you purchased the component. If the component is not maintained, Adalo will remove that component from the marketplace. All components are expected to work across all platforms (web & native).