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App Design & Build
App Design & Build
UX & UI Help
UX & UI Help
1 on 1 Coaching
1 on 1 Coaching
Typically $100 - $150 per hour
Accepting New Projects
Not Currently Available
Canada, Lebanon
English, Arabic, French, Swahili
Zapier, Make, Airtable, Xano, Stripe, Webflow, WordPress, Figma
UX/UI Design Expertise, Full Service, 1-on-1 Coaching
Startup, Small Business, Enterprise, Nonprofit/Government/Community/Religious Organizations
A Little Bit About Me
A Little Bit About Us
nfiniteUp Agency: Your Premier Partner for Adalo Solutions Who We Are InfiniteUp Agency is a pioneering digital solutions provider specializing in Adalo-based development. As Adalo Experts, we offer a rich array of services designed to catapult your business into the digital realm effectively and efficiently. Our cross-disciplinary team of strategists, designers, and developers is geared towards crafting superior user experiences by leveraging Adalo's capabilities to the fullest. Our Services 1) Custom App Development: We excel in creating feature-rich Adalo applications tailored to meet your specific business needs. From concept to launch, we’ve got you covered. 2) UI/UX Design: Our design team specializes in building intuitive, user-centric interfaces. We utilize Adalo's design flexibility to craft experiences that captivate and engage. 3) Database & Backend Integration: Harness the full potential of Adalo's database capabilities with custom setups that enable complex data relationships and API integrations. 4) E-commerce Solutions: Looking to sell products or services? We can quickly deploy secure, scalable, and feature-packed e-commerce applications using Adalo. 5) Payment Gateway Integration: Boost your monetization strategies by integrating diverse payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and more. 6) Chat & Communication Features: Enable seamless interactions within your applications through real-time chat features and notifications. 7) Geolocation Services: We can leverage Adalo’s geolocation capabilities for apps requiring location-based services like delivery or social networking. 8) Automation & Workflows: Streamline your business operations by integrating automation features, including automated emails, reminders, and task assignments. 9) Analytics Dashboard: Get actionable insights on user behavior with custom analytics dashboards, integrated right into your Adalo app. 10) Maintenance & Support: Beyond development, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your application is always up to date and running smoothly. Why Choose Us? 1) Speed: Accelerated project timelines with high-quality outcomes. 2) Quality: A proven track record of delivering robust, scalable, and intuitive applications. 3) Expertise: Our depth of knowledge in Adalo ensures you’re getting top-tier service. 4) Value-Add Services: Consultation, market research, and post-launch marketing services are also available for comprehensive project support. Through our data-driven methodologies and a commitment to innovation, InfiniteUp Agency sets the gold standard for Adalo-based digital solutions. Let us partner with you to bring your digital aspirations to life.
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Things I've Built with Adalo

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What’s the process like to work with an Adalo Expert?
Overall we try to keep the process relaxed yet professional. After you submit a request, the Adalo Expert will reach out and you’ll have a meeting to see if there’s a match. If you don’t want to work with them there’s no pressure you can set up other meetings. At the end of the day we just want your idea to come to life.
How does someone become an Adalo Expert?
We have an initial video screening with all potential experts where we do a quick self assessment and talk with them about their previous design experiences.
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