Templates & Cloneable Kits in Adalo

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Clone a Full App Template

Product Hunt Clone
Clone this full template, made by our Expert, Lucien Tavano, for full access to a Product Hunt clone in mobile form.

What’s a Cloneable Kit?

UI Kits — Perfect for Design

Custom Lists
Clone this example to gain access to 8 separate custom lists to use for your next project.
Much like Google Maps, our Navigation Kit will help take your navigation up a notch & users find exactly what they need quickly! Copy 8 different navigation examples.
Clone this example for 8 modal & pop-up use cases for your app.

Functional Kits — Add a Feature to Your App

Stopwatch for Workout App
This kit shows you how to use the stopwatch component to log the amount of time someone is spending on their workouts.
Has a list of lessons for users to track their progress and mark as complete. Also has the ability for them to choose whether they want to turn on Autoplay
Progress Bar
Display progress to a user such as number of tasks completed.

Adding a Tip Feature
Creating an app for a Restaurant or experience that accepts tips? Use this dynamic tipping functional kit to automatically calculate tips for orders! 
Follow Function
A quintessential part of any social media app: following & unfollowing. Look under the hood at how this function is created & add it to your app.

How to Make a Cloneable Resource

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Just a quick little teaser...
We’re planning a Clone Competition aka ‘The Dolly Awards’ hosted alongside Makerpad where you’ll get a chance to win a free year of Adalo!