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You’re excited to lead the future of no-code with an amazing team of coders.

About This Position

As VPE of Adalo, you’ll be an executive member of our leadership team overseeing the development of one of the most exciting & fundamental changes to how software is created in the last 20 years. In the same way that software moved from physical infrastructure to the cloud unlocking 10X potential, the introduction of no-code is creating a wave of new software makers building amazing products for so many people around the world.

And while this change means that there will be a ton of people that don't have to know how to code, it also means that the quality, reliability, & scalability of Adalo’s codebase is of utmost importance. As the leader of development at Adalo, you'll be in charge of leading a team that ships incredible features on an exciting platform all the while helping to create an inspiring place for engineers to work at that’s built around Community, Trust, Inclusion, Growth, & Action.


  • You’ll become a central part of Adalo as a member of the leadership team overseeing development. At a high level you’ll be responsible for the product’s technical execution, quality, and reliability, and growing our distributed engineering team. To do this you’ll need to understand Adalo’s architecture, codebase, & ecosystem on an intimate level so that you can lead discussions about the future of the platform. This will allow you to set a technology strategy and chart a course for how best to execute that strategy.
  • You’ll foster a culture that empowers the team to create processes that ensure Adalo has a world-class codebase focused on quality, reliability, & scalability. Our platform empowers anyone to create apps and has grown to over 250,000 makers around the world in just 14 months. Combined with the fact that so many entrepreneurs & businesses rely on our services and that Adalo is a customizable product with thousands of features, making sure we have an amazing codebase is critical to our success. To accomplish this you’ll have to know which problems to prioritize and be constantly encouraging the team to ask: How do we reduce our bug volume, bring down our tech debt judiciously, and prevent regressions? What metrics can we show to demonstrate progress? Can quality unlock faster development and growth? How can we make sure we’re always staying ahead of the game on infrastructure, security, & ecosystem related projects?
  • You’ll become the perfect partner to our product team. As VPE, you'll help product estimate how long dev stories will take and play an active role in the technical pre-planning to ensure the design, product, & development processes run smoothly together. In addition, because Adalo’s product & ecosystem interact with so many different technologies, it’s important you love to stay up to date on all of the trends in the tech community to make sure any changes that are coming down the pipeline are on our roadmap and planned out with plenty of time to spare.
  • You’ll create a place that developers rave about. As the leader of the dev team, you’ll work closely with our Director of Engineering to act as a mentor to everyone, helping them grow both personally and professionally. You’ll also be responsible for finding and hiring top-tier talent and creating a positive, inspiring culture that makes Adalo an unstoppable force. And finally, while we’re still in our early stages, you’ll act as a “player-coach” at times to be able to dive into technical details if necessary.


  • 8+ years of experience leading engineering teams, preferably part or all of that at a top-tier SaaS company or a previous startup during the rapid team and business scaling phase
  • Experience scaling engineering teams & working with dev orgs of at least 50 engineers  
  • Intimate experience with our tech stack: Node, React, React Native, Postgres / MySQL, Docker, AWS / Google Cloud, Heroku
  • Deep knowledge of industry trends in the entire tech ecosystem
  • Has shipped code with different development processes with the understanding of the pros & cons of each approach
  • Regularly identifies and destroys time wasters in the dev process
  • A natural leader on their current dev team focused on giving team members the best opportunity of their lives, taking all of the blame and none of the credit, & always available during a crisis. 
  • While a majority of your time will be spent leading you still want to deep dive into the codebase for a few projects per year
*‍Hey! 👋 Even if you don’t think you meet all of the requirements above but you’ve got a passion for what we’re doing over here at Adalo — we think there’s a great chance you’d be an amazing addition to our team & we’d love for you to apply!

Bonus Points

  • Worked at a venture-backed startup with high growth potential that’s scaled from less than 20 to over 500 while you were there
  • Managing a team of distributed engineers at a remote first company 
  • You have a passion for the no-code space 
  • Created a working app on Adalo (if you’ve had a chance to do that please include it with your application!)
To learn more about what it’s like working at Adalo — check out our 'Inside Adalo' page.

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