Technical Support Engineer

Crossing the divide between our technical & our non-technical makers.

About This Position

As Technical Support Engineer, you will engage with our technical makers in diagnosing, producing reduced test cases, and implementing solutions to help our makers get unstuck.  You will work as a real-time connector to ensure our makers get the help they need — when they need it. Your technical knowledge will help the QA team and our team of engineers quickly identify bugs, while also educating our makers on the more technical side of no-code (think APIs & database architecture). Help take our customer support to the next level by analyzing support trends and being the voice of our makers to help prioritize improvements to our platform.

About You

  • You’ve never met a person you didn’t want to help
  • You have working knowledge of APIs & JSON 
  • Your problem-solving skills are on point
  • There’s nothing more satisfying than closing a ticket (okay… not nothing, but you know it’s a good feeling!)
  • You consider yourself a tinkerer
  • You 🤝 Chrome Developer Tools  
  • Learning is just as important to you as other necessities… like eating… and sleeping 📚


  • At least 2 years of experience in a technical customer-facing role (account management, support, etc.)
  • Enough programming knowledge to be dangerous
  • Experience developing support materials & creating technical documentation
  • Ability to understand complex technical products
  • Cross-functional work experience with QA & Software Engineering teams
  • Strong troubleshooting abilities that enable you to break down complex problems into bite sized testable chunks
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interest in new technologies and products
  • The ability to rapidly iterate based on feedback
  • Experience working with teams that regularly ship software 🚀
  • A strong combination of creative thinking and analytical effectiveness
Hey! 👋 Even if you don’t think you meet all of the requirements above but you’ve got a passion for what we’re doing over here at Adalo — we think there’s a great chance you’d be an amazing addition to our team & we’d love for you to apply!

Oh… and Bonus Points

  • Experience being an Account Manager
  • Experience with the No-Code space and/or using tools like Webflow & Zapier (two of our favorite no-code tools) 🖤
  • Experience with UX Design
  • React Native Experience
  • Understanding of QA workflows and reduced test cases
  • Experience supporting a SaaS product
  • Experience working in a startup environment 
  • Created a working app on Adalo 👀
To learn more about what it’s like working at Adalo — check out our 'Inside Adalo' page.

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