Community Manager

You’re ready to become Adalo’s official MC and you love a good pun!

About this Position

Since the beginning, community has always been our #1 principle at Adalo. We’ve done a lot to help grow and foster it, but it’s gotten to the point where we really need someone to truly own everything about it and become our official hype person! You’ll be managing our social media, writing newsletters, participating in lively discussions around Adalo and in the no-code community in general.

We truly believe that collaborating is the best way to help everyone create new things and you’ll become the central voice to help make that a reality and bring our community to new heights!


  • Step 1 (and most importantly!) will be for you to truly become a part of the community by building & fostering relationships not only with our makers but also within the no-code community as a whole 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • As a part of that you’ll need to stay up to date with all the trends happening in the no-code space as well as the larger tech & design spaces
  • You’ll act as the voice of Adalo with daily social media posts, reviewing and participating in discussions, and replying to anything and everything Adalo related 💬
  • The game plan is for you to develop an engaging continuous content strategy across all platforms including blog pieces, articles, social media posts, newsletters, and videos.
  • This continuous content strategy should also hopefully come with a super organized calendar for everyone on the team to stay up to date 🗓️
  • We’d also love for you to start throwing even more fun events for our community (in the past we’ve done community town hall events, and run some different challenges for them to participate in but really the more event planning the better!)
  • Another important role will be for you to help us continue to improve our onboarding process so that our makers feel welcomed into the community and helps them participate meaningfully moving forward 👋👋🏾👋🏿👋🏻
  • The final role (at least that we can think about at the moment) is to act as a liaison between the community and everyone at Adalo. You’ll be relaying feedback back and forth between marketing, product, engineering, CX, design, and our content teams, and you’ll help our team members better engage in the community!


  • You love no-code, design, and everything app-related and consider yourself a fan of the new maker movement
  • You intimately understand the true struggle that is posting something across all of the various social media platforms with all of their different sizes, audiences, and fun little quirks that make that process harder than it should be.
  • You have experience launching community initiatives — like building an online forum, launching & running an ambassador program, creating an event series and sending out tons of one-off marketing emails and recurring newsletters 🗞️
  • You believe relationships are everything and you’re really good at building them with community influencers, and finding and pitching new potential partnerships within and outside of our direct community 🤝
  • While you know how important keeping a good sense of the emotions of our community is you also know how important it is to identify & track relevant community metrics to maintain a good sense of the community from a quantitative standpoint
  • You have excellent verbal communication skills to back up your excellent writing skills
  • You love a good pun. V important.
  • Finally you consider time management one of your biggest strengths. There’s going to be so much jumping around with this role and you’ll be juggling a bunch of different tasks and communicating a lot in a ton of different ways that making sure you’re organized and you have a go-getter attitude to work with minimal supervision is key! 🔑
*‍Hey! 👋 Even if you don’t think you meet all of the requirements above but you’ve got a passion for what we’re doing over here at Adalo — we think there’s a great chance you’d be an amazing addition to our team & we’d love for you to apply!

Oh… and Bonus Points

  • Experience working directly in a community manager role at another SaaS company
  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • You’re already a part of the no-code ecosystem or have a lot experience working with no-code software
  • Even extra points for designing & building an app in Adalo (if you’ve had a chance to do that please include it with your cover letter!)
To learn more about what it’s like working at Adalo — check out our 'Inside Adalo' page.

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